Your place for great pictures of turtles, techniques for turtle care,
first hand information, free adoptions, and a few opinions.

Our mission is to share with you very good pictures of turtles found in North America.
We provide many pictures of each animal and many animals of the same species.
We try to capture their personalities and to show young ones growing over time.
For identification purposes, we try to show each turtle's plastron.

Our mission has grown to include the sharing of techniques we use to care
for our pet turtles, some unusual how to projects for turtle habitats, and other
first hand information. This is accomplished by two series of articles containing
many pictures we call behind-the-scenes tours located on
 the Raising Baby Turtles page
 the Backyard Turtles page.

We appreciate that some turtle owners need to find new homes for their pet turtles.
We can help by listing them on our adoptions page.
Adoptions and More

There is much to say that we previously avoided saying. Now we are speaking out
so we added an editorial page to express our opinions.
In My Hard Shelled Opinion

We enjoy bringing these pictures and tours to you and hope you come back often.
New material is added often.
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We love hearing from you and we will try to help you by answering your questions
about turtles. So if you have a question, a problem, or a comment, send us an email.
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